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  • About Sheepka
  • About Sheepka
  • About Sheepka
  • About Sheepka
  • About Sheepka
  • About Sheepka

Sheepka 99 was founded in 1999. The manufacturing facility is located in the town of Parvomay. The company is fully export oriented.

The products offered within the internal market are sold in boutique shops under the brand name "Maestro".

They are produced by a traditional, classic technology from selected milks (sheep, goat and cow) with an aging period ranging between 45 and 60 days for the different cheese types and 60 to 90 days for the kashkaval. No preservatives or vegetable oils are used in the manufacturing process!

The kashkavals from sheep milk are classic type and picante type and from cow milk – classic type.

We also offer different types of processed cheeses including smoked processed cheese, manufactured from imported quality yellow cheeses as well as fresh, salt-free cottage cheese, fresh white cheese and cheese for grilling – delicious and easy to cook.

Quality Control

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the quality of the food they eat.

Achieving the ultimate quality and taste is possible thanks to the quality of raw materials, the traditional recipes and high manufacturing standards. Sheepka99 produces and delivers to its clients products with guaranteed quality, certified by the applied HACCP system and the standards ISO 22000:2005.

This international standard specifies requirements for a food safety management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure the food is safe at the time of human consumption.

Sheepka99 management realized the need for rigorous controls and proactive procedures that changes the company’s approach from a retroactive quality testing to a preventive way of thinking.

When it comes to the products we produce, their quality, safety and compliance are vital and uncompromising.


All the packing and boxing materials are environment safe, preserve nature and keep the authentic taste and flavor of the content.

The boxing is solid and facilitates the transportation, the shipping and the handling processes.
On the other hand, we have post-selling services: we ensure that our products safely reach the customer.

Our Laboratories

Detailed scientific analyzes are carried throughout the entire production process.
Our quality control department meets international safety standards.
A strict control ensures the quality of production as well as the consumption period.

A Focus on Quality and Production

By Mr. Jacques F. El-Kallassi

The awareness of quality food products is growing fast these days; the modern and internationally oriented consumer wants to secure the health of his family.

Yes, consumers of today, of all ages, are becoming very demanding because they are aware of the risks in the food industry, which might negatively affect them due to animal diseases and gene modified plants as well as dioxin in animal feed.

Food handling and hygienic standard, use of natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging materials, etc., all are concrete issues, which have attracted attention creating widespread food fear among many of us.

Traditional products have become the answer to these worries.

I am in no doubt that with the take-over of Parvomay dairy in 1999, dairy with more than 40 years of experience in the production and supply of traditional Bulgarian cheeses, we will be able to meet the challenge and preserve a tradition which is more than 1000 years old, in the production of hand-made cheese, manufactured in the pure old fashioned way.

In addition to this challenge in maintaining the old traditional way of production, we are also equally challenged to invest in advanced technology to make Parvomay dairy, a unique Bulgarian model, which will definitely set the basics of how Bulgarian traditional cheese producers will operate in the next century.

We are producing inside a house made of glass where everyone can see what we do and we are proud of what we do.

Believe and Achieve

By Mr. Ivan B. Savov
Executive Director

We at Sheepka99 believe that producing food is more of a responsibility than a business. That’s why we spare no resources or efforts to produce premium cheese in full compliance with the highly demanding international hygiene and safety standards that fully meet our local and international customer’s high requirements and refined taste.

Above drove us to deploy substantial financial resources in our factory in Parvomay for the modernization of its traditional production lines, for launching new ones, as well as for upgrading its processing to very high standards.

We are committed to producing and distributing excellent products, and that compels us to keep on acting in a very responsible manner towards our Customers, People and Ownership.

To keep accomplishing our mission, we need to keep on being perseverant in our endeavor to supply the market with our traditional Bulgarian refined products while coming up with new products capable of appealing to the new generation consumers.

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Our Production

  • About Sheepka
  • About Sheepka
  • About Sheepka
  • About Sheepka
  • About Sheepka

The products that the company manufactures are the result of a successful combination of traditional technologies and modern equipment. Our company constantly makes innovations in the production capacities, warehouses and buildings.

The strict technological discipline, the perfect hygiene and the precise control of buying fresh milks are a guarantee for the high quality of our products.

Sheepka99 is the only milk processing enterprise which exports practically 100% of its production.

The export to the EU and the whole world is regulated with the European Commission Decision.

Company strategy

To develop its business relations with partners on the long-term; to manufacture and offer authentic Bulgarian dairy products with constant quality.

Manufacturing standards

European regulations for manufacturing safe foods, good manufacturing practices HACCP, ISO 22000.

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